About cApitol A

It would take him another three years to finally record and perform. “I started writing in 2010 as a hobby and just honing of skill really’. It was until 2013 that I got to actually lay wax on record and perform, due partly to hooking up with some of ma niggaz who were to become K.Y.D. Underground crew.’

When asked about what would he like to achieve both as an emcee and producer, Capitol is resolute in his conviction toward turning the tide in the industry’s normal route of migrating to the bad ol’ Jozi in order to make it.

“My thing is about contributing to building a big enough market right here at home for all heads to thrive, and not have to be subjected to the conventionality of the great trek to Jozi. Kinda like what them Durban niggaz are doing with Kwaito music. Cape Town is big enough a market for us to do the same with hip hop.”


  • Reside: Cape Town (Oliver Tambo)
  • Affiliations: KYD UnderGround
  • Favorite colour: Grey
  • Funniest moment whilst performing/exhibiting: A supporter joining in on the performance
  • Where to now: Going straight for the number 1 spot.


Capitol A – Mission Statement [Official Music Video]

Artist – @cApitolA_SA
Project – outcAst EP
Year – 2015
Produced by – @cApitolA_SA & @UNA_RSA
Record Producer – LB
Artwork by – @cApitolA_SA
Released Date – 30th January 2015


Bookings: [email protected]

Twitter: @cApitolA_SA  | Facebook: cApitol A  | Soundcloud: cApitol A_SA