• Reside: I am From Cape Town and I currently reside in Mandalay, a small community withing Cape Town.
  • Favorite colour: Green.
  • Funniest moment whilst performing/exhibiting: My funniest moment whilst performing would be the time I asked the crowd to sing the chorus with me, but no one knew the lyrics as it was the first time I ever performed it.
  • Where to now: From here I’m about to start 2 record labels in 2016, both in partnership with different people.


About illRow


illRow isn’t just a musician, he is a preacher with a message. The message might be brought in sometimes a vulgar and aggressive way, but the intention is good and the anger is there to emphasize the statement.

There is no fear needed when producing any underground track. Anger from his past has built up to keep him strong and go against everything he condemns without the thought of being executed for his actions.



Facebook: Illrow |  SoundCloud: illRow  | YouTube: Brandon Titus  | AudioMack: illRow