The Black is the ultimate social gathering that celebrates emerging young, creative and sophisticated individuals. The gathering is an invites only event where we carefully select young creatives that make a difference with their skills. The name “The Black” is influenced by the need for black consciousness and empowerment in an industry that is forever changing and leaves little room for prospective black creatives. This is where the principles of black consciousness are instilled and recuperated, teaching black brothers and sisters to be comfortable in their own skin, and a collective celebration of each other’s efforts in our respective fields.

The Black is a network that celebrates the spirit of Ubuntu, and also appreciating the fact that we are all different and our differences make us unique and special in our own way. This group of young black creatives are motivated to support each other’s businesses by forming a circle that circulates business amongst each other and helping each other grow in our respective fields.

Avelile Nontanda
Founder and Head Designer.