We recently heard that one of our FRESH CITIZEN, SimulationRxps, would be releasing a track titled #FlexMo, working with Elephant-Eleven. This track, to our surprise, would also be accompanied by an Official Music Video.

As many of you know by now, here at ZuZaNation we are always pushing to find the best and brightest in the City. So we sat down with ‎SimulationRxps at Neighbourhood Restaurant, Bar & Lounge for a few colds one and a chat.

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Simbulele Ngumla, stage name SimulationRxps is a young G from KwaLanga, but you can find all that info on his FRESH CITIZEN page. We were here to find out about #FlexMo and the people behind it. Funny enough the conversation started of with an interest in his name and the origins.

“I started of as LowSim, but that was when I didn’t take rapping seriously. But I needed the name change to show that I had taken a new direction..My name is Simbulele and my nickname is Sim, so i wanted to stick to that.”

“When I started off I wanted to make music to have fun, perform to and just cause I just loved music”, Simulation mentioned as he talked about where he started off and his style, Likening it to club, trap Hip-Hop. “…Put a lot of energy into it. One of the guys I work with on elephant-eleven, May 9th..he influences a lot of what I do.” He also mentioned 2 Chainz and the people he has worked with as some of his other influences.


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Getting back to #FlexMo, Simulation had received the beat from PsykoBeats. Yho, I made the song last year, recorded last. Then I performed a snippet of it at a event West Wing had organised. I didn’t even do the my verse, cause the sound messed up, but I felt the crowd’s energy. Then PsykoBeats [and I] did the video about two months ago. We have been holding on to it cause we don’t just wanna release a video without a proper marketing campaign..”

To some, it may look like holding back the track was due to a lack of confidence or fear, but for SimulationRxps, “If it fails, it fails. But my mission is to supply as much music and videos to CPT.” According to Simulation, to many artists are “sleeping” on themselves providing listens with what they want.

“No one really does this in CPT, I have only seen maybe UNO with Skelem and a few others release a track and Vid…To try change people mindset, how they think? [about what?] think about their own ideas and their own selves..They expect others to be excited and pushing for them.”

The conversation went on to discuss a number of kats currently sleeping on themselves. Although Cape Town and SA in general had stepped up when it came to its music and arts in recent times. That even though the youth especially, had all of a sudden grabbed with both hand their destinies, there were still a few not catching the train.


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“CPT is smarter in 2016, but not all them..They thinking bigger now. Guys registered as artist and producing quality. You can’t complain [anymore]. People support good music, they will show love…And don’t force people to listen to your music.”

One group that did show support for SimulationRxps were his family. He mentions that, “they support everything i’m doing man. Obviously I need to finish school…I play my music first for my lil bro and Sis. Fam is always honest they will tell you if it need something more.”

Sim seems to realised the importance of a strong support base as he frequently talks the people he has and is currently work. From Sharlie Beanero and ChingaTime to Elephant-Eleven.

A young man currently studying Marketing at CPUT clearly still has a long way to go, but what is clear, is that he is on the right path and moving fast.


By Lehydrophotography


You can now check out the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO and be sure to let us know what you think of #FlexMo.