Fruitulethu is a township established business run by a group of students from Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA Education). Created to provide fruit salad to people in the township and encourage them to eat healthy.

Fruitulethu, a project that had started out in a classroom as an assignment at Tsiba Education has evolved into a business. Consisting of six individuals; Unathi Dila, Asavela Gwele, Lwazi Banagani, Sisipho Jokazi, Wandisa Kakaza and Andisiwe Kowa, all from different townships, Fruitulethu is a fruit salad business that caters to people in the townships. The concept behind this brand was to encourage people in black communities to eat healthy, to eat fruit. “You will never find a place in the township that sells fruit salad only, and we know that there are people that want this and want to live a healthy lifestyle. So we are trying to close that gap and offer this to black people in the township”.

These young minds, aged between 19 and 22, saw that they could do more with the assignment that was handed to them. After completing their class project and saw the success of what was only a potential business, the Fruitulethu team decided to continue with their business assignment and make it their reality. The salads that they produce are pre-ordered, through their Facebook page, one chooses the fruit that they want in their fruit salad and it is delivered to them with a strawberry of love on top, a signature of Fruitulethu. A Fruitulethu Salad is not complete without the strawberry.

Delving deeper into the business we asked them about the challenges and competition that they face as a young business. They fear no competition and they embrace challenges, “we do not have a competition to be honest because no one does what we do. The biggest competition I could say we have are the established super markets, either than that, there is no competition.” Balancing tertiary work and business is never easy, but these guys have managed to do it with ease. ” We have to balance our time in terms of when we get to prepare the salads and also stay on our ‘A’ game when it comes to our studies and that is another challenge.”

What is admirable about this team is how they work together very well, team work makes the dream work kind of work together. All hands are on deck when they have a crazy day and orders are flooding in, but on an average day, the gents chase the business and the ladies handle the fruit salad production. “We all do our bit and we all try and sell Fruitulethu wherever we go, we basically are a walking brand”.  These young bloods foresee their business expanding nationwide but their focus right now is to get their unique business exposed.

Their goal now is to complete their studies and continue being entrepreneurs and not rely on seeking a job after graduating. “Tsiba is about promoting entrepreneurship, so we want to do something that we know and have a foundation for and not go out there and not have an understanding of what we are doing”. Fruitulethu has now been operating for three months and it has managed to have a customer database of over 500. With a growing network and database, Fruitulaehtu will soon have people knocking at their door asking for fruit salad or business deals. Fruitulethu will be involved in a couple of events during the months of October and November. They will be operating at events within the townships (yet to be announced) and in and around Cape Town. These young minds are ready to take on world and help people in townships live healthy lives.

To order your special Fruitulethu salad, place your order right here: Fruitulethu