HipHop Comes Alive in the MotherCity

HipHop Comes Alive in the MotherCity
On a chilly Friday evening (01.05.2015) right up till the early hours of Saturday morning the Cape Town streets were buzzing between two venues; Imperial on Long St and Assembly on Harrington St. Walking down these streets you could hear the beats pounding as you entered the venue.

The Mother City has always been synonymous with its kick ass underground hiphop scene, but that does not take anything away from the fact that most of the local rappers should be big in the mainstream (but that’s a conversation for another day, another article maybe). On this particular night ZuZaNation was there to see what’s going down on the local scene.

We were guests of Amilca, who has been dubbed and given the title of Cape Town’s Golden Boy with popular hit single Haysho Bhozey alongside BlaqSlim. On this particular evening the two rappers had they fans going crazy as they performed they hit. Amilca and BlaqSlim were not the only rappers blazing the mic till the early hours of the evening. Crowd puller Chinga Time had the crowd bopping and shaking as he performed some freestlyles and some tracks of his own. One could not help but be taken away by the flow of popular rapper Boolez famous for his single Aphe Kapa, Boolez skills stretch from the mic, to the decks right down to homeboyz feet where he gets down doing what I coined his own little version of the “nay nay”. ZuZaNation was also impressed by one of the Mother cities homeboys showing us his skill; Calley is also one of the rappers to look out for with his smooth flow and well orated lyrics.

The two shows on one night were really like a marathon and a race against time which the winners were not only the rappers but the crowd that was treated to such amazing skill on the mic.

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