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The weekend of the 27th June 2015 provided an interesting treat for CPT music and creative arts followers. I can’t remember the last time CPT was saturated by so many talented artist showcasing their skill and determination to breakthrough the creative iron curtain that divides mainstream and underground, all on the same day. From all corners of Cape Town, they have dug themselves out of that dirt to create a bust of wonders, colours and sounds.

On that particular day, ZuZaNation had the honour of being invited to #iROKSIN ELOKSHN which was held at Ny20 Guguletu.

Now, when you think of a tent closing off a street ekasi, one usually thinks of a funeral. Well this day was different and this tent was properly ‘pimped’ out with even a grass mat in the VIP area to keep your feet of the street.



#iROKSIN ELOKSHN Street Bash was brought to you by Destination Cape Town (DCT),  who describe themselves as “an independent record label from Cape Town formed in 2008”, but when speaking to them, they seem and say that they are a group of close friend who, through their time together, discovered that they each had significant sets of skills. It is these skills and their friendship which would help grow DCT.

The members include the label management; Cole-Will, Vince, LewSwag, Aikho, Aylo and artists who are; Boss, Shier, Mhamha, Cole-Will & LewSwag. They all act as brand ambassadors not only for DCT, but Cape Town as a whole. Although, some would say, they have an old fashion take on what it means to be a brand ambassador.

“Nobody really believes in marketing their brand and product, we believe in marketing our music and releasing quality production to take advantage of the best form of marketing ‘Word of mouth’.”


Taking advantage of the limited resources available and fighting the many obstacles in their way, DCT are striving to bring back the days of shared community experience and enjoyment, in their own words, ‘iPowerilaphailokshin (no Eskom jokes) and its up to us to show it’.

Another motivation behind them is he fact that CPT, and even their own neighbourhood, has so much talented individuals, but it seems like the only way to make it in the South African music industry is to move to JHB. This is a complaint that comes up from a number of artists around CPT… Well DCT want to change this and hope…wait, KNOW that one day MCs from around SA will flock to CPT, the final ‘Destination’.

“Everyone wants to be a star, but at DCT our aim is more than influence, we aim to leave a lasting impression by always being consistent and relevant in the industry”.

To get there and make that a possibility, DCT advice young MCs and entrepreneurs to simply “close your ears” to haters and “leave room for disappointment”.

The future is bright for this crew and you can expect “more business joint ventures, more gigs, joint venture events and summer event from DCT” even before the end of this year.

Tracks like #Bungaztholi by Cole-Will, Amilca_Mezarati & LewSwag which is a “single/promo joint to promote DCT as a Cape Town hiphop brand” will be available for digital download from the 10th July 2015.


Although the track dropped last year March 2014, “the hype wasn’t really around datafilehost like it is now. The joint never got this opportunity to be downloaded and people have been askin’ how can they get the song but wonder no more coz 10th July is here!!”

This just showing the type of demand for DCT and CPT music and also the future of music distribution in general.

So stay tuned to @DCT_clan, for they still got a lot more to offer CPT and the rest of the world.