Kasi Comedy Night

Who would have ever thought that comedy would be hosted eKasi.  Yes that’s right you heard right, comedy eKasi, not a stand up comedy act at Armchair in Obz or at the Comedy Club, nope right in the township. Wednesday evenings have changed in the ever so retro Gugulethu, no it’s not a weekday fish braai bhari, its comedy.

Lundi Tsotso and Kholekile Sompaza directors of Siqhamo Media got it right. Comedy is something we all enjoy, it takes us away from our day to day struggles for a few hours and makes us have a moment of joy.

Arriving at the venue, the trendy Sky Lounge in NY 6 Gugulethu, you are met with an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at those smoky New York Jazz clubs but you’re not, you’re in Gugs still. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see that the band performing for the crowd was actually made up of a group of older gentlemen from the township. Some of these Timers we would see them in and around the township and never imagined them in a band.

With some good music playing in the background patrons slowly started to walk in the venue ready to be entertained. After a while you almost forget that the venue was empty as it filled up, the venue buzzing with conversations, bear hugs and polite kisses on the cheek (yeah we’ve evolved Ma Afrika, we kiss on cheeks now). As evolved as we are as a people there is something that we will never shake off, ‘African time’. We could not help notice that the acts were late and no one seemed to be bothered.

The venue was packed and people were ready to be entertained, but it did not matter that most of the acts were late, conversations were flowing, music was pumping and people did not seem to notice the time flying by.

Finally the show started and the host of the show, Siya, kept the crowd in stitches in between acts. Siya was rather impressive as he was very composed almost as if what he was doing was like second nature to him. Siya was very engaged with the crowd to the point that he even picked on a guy in the audience and made jokes about him and the girls sitting around him. He kept himself connected to the audience as though he was casually chatting to his friends which was refreshing to witness.

The most captivating act of the night was Mumz whom is a South African Traditional Music Achievement Awards(SATMA) nominee. This guy was loved by the crowd, people were rolling on the floor with laughter (not literally but close enough to) and they just could not get enough of him. Clynton Dunn was one of the acts that came on stage. This comedian definitely has potential to go far in his career and hopefully it won’t be the last time we see him.

Wednesday nights in Gugulethu will never be the same, and it is always impressive to be part of something positive that comes out of our hoods. As ZuzaNation we salute Siqhamo Media for their efforts to bring a different kind of entertainment to eKasi and we wish them all the best and much success.