Most of you know them as the men that brought us #ItsAllGugs, today we have a chat with KYD Underground about the group, plans and projects and so much more…


KYD Underground Members

cApitol A – Rapper/Producer

Hype Team (Xplosive & Reezo) – Rappers

Bear – Rapper

U.N.A – Producer

Mhey – Rapper

LB – Producer/Record Producer/Rapper

Rodey – Rapper

Nkadi – Rapper

1.    ****If you guys had to describe KYD Underground in 3 words what would it be?

That’s a hard one to shorten up but we’d say innovative, diverse and gifted

2.    ****How and when did the group come about?

It was individual artist who came together solely to create a compilation at first, we then decided to form a movement whereby we could push one another to get noticed quicker. The movement was formed in 2013.

3.    ****What inspired or drove you towards Hip Hop?

I think that would stand and produce different answers from all of us , but basically all I can accredit to us aspiring to Hip-Hop would have to be our love for music as a whole. There are 9 of us so that means 9 minds, 9 different perspectives and subsequently different backgrounds. It’s amazing that we all love what we do and that in turn just fuels us more in our drive for Hip-Hop.

4.    ****I’m sure each individual in the group has their own musical backgrounds how do you guys come up with beats, lyrics and composition for a song?

Like we said, the backgrounds are a very tricky yet fruitful part of the team, so it becomes a challenge as to what sort of beat the producers have to compose. cApitol A, LB and U.N.A are good at what they do as producers and beat makers and in a way they’ve come to understand us as rappers and they always give their A-Game in every single beat making and song production.

5.    ****What is the inspiration behind your music?

So many things play a crucial part in what we put in our music. Our daily life encounters, politics, attachments to materialistic things. Sometimes we want to have fun and do music that makes you feel good. People heard “underground” and cringe because they assume a certain message is conveyed in our music. All in all, we’re inspired by the lives we lead and the knowledge we’ve gained individually and collectively.

6.    ****Is there a particular group or artist you guys look up to? (locally or internationally)

All nine of us have our own personal favourites but i would say that Kendrick Lamar & J Cole & are the guys that always come up when we having a conversation and locally it would have to be AKA for his hustle and Reason for his lyricism.

7.    ****How do feel about the local hip hop in South Africa, especially here in Cape Town?

We feel that it is growing spontaneously and so rapidly. There is so much talent in these Cape Town, but people are really undermining it to a degree whereby even the most driven of rappers seem mediocre at times. We are blessed to be a part of this growing platform. We feel it’s about time the WHOLE of South Africa starts taking note of the effort we as Cape Town rappers and musicians are putting in.

8.    ****Speaking about local musicians, is there any particular musicians KYD Underground would like to work with?

For now we are just focussing on building an empire by collaborating with each other first (KYD Underground artists) before looking elsewhere for features

9.    ****What has been your biggest accomplishment as a group thus far?

The past two years has been a shower of blessings actually, every time we can release music or do something music related we have accomplished something great. It started when we released our self-titled compilation mixtape, In the period of September –December 2013, last year we released two mixtapes by two components of our team, Hype Team – with their 10 track mixtape “ILL REGIME”  which receive a good reception. One of the producers U.N.A released a beat tape titled “Keys 808s Samples and Synths “where artists could use the beats to their disposal.

On 30 January 2015, cApitol A dropped his 8 track Extended Play (EP) project “outcAst” which received a number of reviews including Okay Africa. Grizzly Bear, another of the label members just released his “I’ma Grizzly Nota Polar” mixtape on 10 April 2015.

10. ****Are there any gigs you guys are planning on in the near future?

The recent two months we started an event called It’s All GugX (a hip-hop and poetry session where we basically give artists from Gugulethu and neighbouring townships/suburbs a platform to showcase their talent). It’s hard to believe that within the space of 3 events we’ve grown so much and gained appraise from most of the attendees of the events we’ve hosted. We hope to see this venture grow into a very fruitful platform for artists in Cape Town.

 11. Thank you so much for letting us have a little more insight in who KYD Underground is, how can people follow you?

It has been a pleasure, thank you for having us. We have a Facebook page KYD Underground, twitter @KYDUNDERGROUND aswell as a tumblr page, you can also follow us individually on twitter @cApitolA_SA @Una_RSA and @MC_NKAY.. Stay tuned for the next #ItsAllGugx