HYPE TEAM is a rap duo from Tambo Village in Manenberg and one of the youngest acts under theKYD Underground stable. They are Rashad Ongeziwe Ranisi known in hip hop circles as Reezoand Cebo Tshetu who goes by the moniker XPlosive, nineteen and eighteen year olds respectively, they are steadily on the rise in the local hip hop scene. When I first met them young niggaz I sensed a sort of calm reserved validity that normally comes with time and when I heard they shit the first time I knew that I was witnessing something special.

“We grew up together, I mean it’s like, we’ve always known each other since we were kids’, explained Xplosive when I asked them how they met. “We also went to school together, in fact, one of the reasons we ended up rapping started from a situation at school”, Reezo relates the story. “There was this other dude at school who was supposed to be this tight emcee or whatever. Of course we didn’t think he was all that, y’ know? But everybody else thought he was the shit, so he got mad love from e’ybody else”.

                “pressure would demand that they put out a mixtape.”

That would spur them into doing something to prove to their friends at school that they can do better than the other cat and so started to record themselves with a cell phone and loved what they heard. After their song was shared amongst their friends it quickly caused a stir on social networks and playlists around and they knew that there was more to this, enough for them to consider taking a proper stance toward pursuing rap.

This would compel them to seek better beats and recording studio. It is during this search for improved resources and connects that word got out about a rapper in the hood by the name of Capitol A. X recounts, “We actually heard from Reezo’ sister about him [Capitol A] being a rapper and possibly someone who could help us with beats and recording and things and when we saw and meet up with him later but at first he just didn’t seem like a rapper to us, at all.’

At Cap’s invitation, they set up an impromptu audition because apparently, even though he had heard about their cell phone recording, he still wasn’t convinced. After a couple of 16’s Cap, he [Capitol A] was sold, so much so, that he introduced them to his KYD fam and recorded a track with them the same day. Rhyme Scheeming’ was their first proper record and would signify the birthing of one of the freshest and most promising rap acts on the streets right now.

The joint did better than they had anticipated and off its strength, following wise, pressure would demand that they put out a mixtape. Nine months later Ill Regime their first mixtape dropped and to their surprise it’s doing better than expected which only drove these youngins farther and farther into the pages of this culture folklore.

They describe themselves as cats that are into making good music regardless of what you might wanna categorise it. To them, it’s not a matter of being labelled conscious or commercial coz good music speaks to more than category or genre. Them boys seem to have their heads screwed on the right way, and judging by their unrelenting sense of focus and work ethic, it’s no wonder that headz around hoods have been believing the Hype.

Hype Team’s next offer promises a new dimension in their artistry with more intent and conviction in their chosen direction to set themselves apart from everybody else. Based on the songs they have laced so far they sure have moved to another plateaux altogether.


The Layman