If you haven’t noticed yet, our VIDZ Page has quite a few videos that have something  in common. From HYPE TEAM – TE QUIERO to the Brass filled instrument on LAVISH 189 – TRUMPETS CALL and the beautiful Xhosa tribute, LIVUMILE by ANDY MKOSI & SABZA – FT OBIE MAVUSO.


These two people I mentioned are Tinashe Arthur Chikwanda & Mpendulo Mabindisa.

This of course peeked our interest here at ZuZa, as we know it takes some hard work, skill and hustle from not just the artist in front of the camera, but also from the artists behind it. So we’ve been on a mission to to discover these guys behind the camera (mainly because we already know the cApital A and Hype Team) and sat down with both guys on a sunny afternoon.


Mpendulo is currently studying Film and Video at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Tinashe is doing his honours at AFDA. Both aspire to be film and music directors and from what we have seen of them, the future looks good for these ambitious young black stars.


With love of music and visual art, Mpendulo started directing music videos in 2013. “The journey’s been challenging but most importantly, I learn a lot and it’s been lots of fun.”

Tinashe on the other-hand started out as a painter, which is what draw him to photography. He even tells us that “if not a filmmaker, I would be painter.”

While Mpendulos’ family supported his decision to go into this career, Tinashes’ father had other dreams for his son. Tinashes’ Father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and attend UWC and do law, but Tinashe felt that it wasn’t for him. He saw a career in film instead and now wants to direct. His father (A lecturer at the U.EC) did give him some real fatherly advice though, “marry anything you do”.

Talking to them and getting to know who these guys behind the camera were, you find that Mpendulo is a work minded, positively theatrical and humble character who sees opportunities everywhere, and even admitting that “If I fail, Im gonna fail trying something new”. While Tinashe is a bit more calm, laid-back discerning guy, who is constantly greeting everyone with a warm smile. (which kinda explains a quote from Tinashe in an article he had done previously, “…every person you meet in life has something positive to contribute to you”.  

They both don’t just wanna be that guy who holds a camera, “I wanna say something people can remember”, So when Mpendulo say “hunger is work”, you know these boys mean business and calls this time an “era Of opportunity”.
So let me not say any more and let their hard work, dedication to their art speak for them and I hope we will never forget their names.

Check out some of the work on our VIDZ Page.




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