Zimkhitha and Khuselisa, both Cape Town born and bred, both make up the dynamic duo PhreshClique. They young, they funky, they absolutely know how to hit them bars. Who are they? They are Phresh Clique, name gets to you don’t it?


“The name PhreshClique speaks for itself, we wanted a name that we can live up to Phresh sound, Phresh image, Phresh lifestyle… PhreshClique!”

This female duo is what’s been hot in Cape Town’s hip hop scene this season. As we always do the ZuzaNation team sat down with the two girls just to get to know them a bit better. When we first met them the Zuza team was convinced they were related somehow, kind of overwhelming seeing two short people on stage being so in sync, we were convinced they were sisters or something, but that’s not the case with these two, they say they met at some party and the rest is not history but that what we getting right now.

“We met at a friend’s house party that ended up being a chill session so we started sharing our stories and realized that we both share the same dream. We exchanged BBM pins and the rest was PhreshClique”. Thank goodness for that party, imagine the Cape Town hip hop scene without these two gems.

It’s no secret that the Cape Town hip hop scene is growing on the street of the mother with the exports from the city being Driemanskaap (for now that is). Exposure is and has always been a huge obstacle. The Cape Town hip hop scene is on the rise! We love how the whole hip hop scene is escalating, when it is the right time we will definitely blow up like the Jozi and Durban fam. There are so many talented rappers out here. We believe that with support from our Cape Town people and unity amongst us as artists we could break walls. We also feel that as soon as promoters start recognizing more hip hop acts out here in Cape Town things will change.


These girls were lucky enough to get a bit of airplay when they were on the popular TV show ‘SA’s Got Talent’, “Wow the SA’s Got Talent experience… it was a great experience, overwhelming and absolutely amazing. The response we received from the audience as well as the judges made the vision super clear”.

Since that experience these ladies have been living that vision as they are now the talk of the town. SA’s Got Talent was 2014, that has passed, move on to 2015 and these girls are living they vision and participating in more local talent contests. Earlier on in the year they won the IKasi Has Talent at the annual IKasi Experience in Khayelitsha, “Winning the iKasi Has Talent competition at the iKasi Experience was too phresh. We were up against really dope Cape Town artists so we had to bring our A-Game. We really happy we won that day as we have always wanted to showcase our talent in Khayelitsha and iKasi Experience gave us that opportunity.” (Later on in the year the same contest would be one by Hype Liyakuza).

When sitting with artist like Hype and Phresh one can’t help but notice the language, it’s a signature, its more than just about the artists sound but also the way they carry themselves out and speak. One has to be part of the “Clique” to flow with this crew. The way they speak and flow is inspired by the streets of the hood just like hip hop has always been,

“The PhreshClique sound is a phresh sound and is inspired by the streets and the lingo yase Kasi, many artists that inspire us namely the late Brenda Fassie, Boom Shaka, K.O, Cassper Nyovest, and AKA just to name a few.”

When listening to these two ladies, you can’t help but hear the excellent production, one can tell that they work with producers who understand their sound and can complement both these ladies very well. Word on the street is that the master who does such work is local producer Kenny Dolo, “We love people who are passionate and dedicated to their work we found that in Kenny Dolo, he understands our journey and vision and he is simply one of the greatest producers in the Cape Town”


Well it is no secret that this duo is going far. We hope to hear from them soon, according to them “[Lol] well we won’t name drop but we are currently working on exciting projects with some of our fellow Cape Town rappers and also our own music. We promise you nothing but HEAT”. Guess it’s gonna be a Phresh season, also with their hit ‘Umlilo’ also gaining momentum on the streets we can only expect nothing but flames this summer as they promise us “Gigs, Gigs and more gigs. Music lots of music! We are also planning on shooting a movie for our hit song UMLILO.  We ask the PHamily to keep it locked on our social networks for all things PhreshClique.”

(Not a video but a movie, #highly anticipated).