She is an educator by profession, a freelance photographer and an avid traveller. She discovered (a word used lightly) her photography skills when she was in high school. Trying to stay out of trouble in her teens, she joined the photography society. The society helped her channel her emotions and her thoughts through the lense, she then realised that her hobby was becoming a talent.

Born in Durban, lived in Johannesburg and settled in Cape Town, Nozipho is a Mother City-based photographer whose work is inspired by her travels. Having been to Vietnam, New York and next on her list, South America (yeah the whole continent, every country) she lets her experience in other countries influence her work.

She lives by the philosophy, “learning is for life as life has been given to us for learning”. Not just a motto to her, but she has lived through her philosophy which transpires through her photography. Nozipho lets the images speak for themselves and she lets them express the moment. “If you could capture a moment and have people respond to it even though they were not there at the time, but have the same kinds of feelings.” She believes that if she can create feelings within an image then the job is done, everything else will follow, be it a lesson or a story.

“Exposing people in their most vulnerable”…that is a statement that is open to interpretation she says. She likes to practise her photography within events or people going about their daily business. “There are different ways in which people walk, but I like to capture it in such a way that you don’t see, ‘oh he is walking’. I think love for me is important, so I try to recreate an image that represents love. ”

Nozipho attended the 2017 edition of Cape Town International Jazz Festival, which was, in her opinion a big test. “It tested your ability to assert yourself as a photographer because if you are just going to be floating around trying to get the right picture, it’s late for you…otherwise 50 other photographers got it before you”. She prides herself in her self-taught photography skills, having attended short courses here and there, but most of her skills are self-taught.

She does not plan to take her photography in a certain direction but she plans to go overseas to establish herself as a teacher and photographer. She knows that she wants to teach through her photography. Her photography is driven something so simple “knowing that a picture can bring a message and send a message and my way of sending that message is through a photo”. She prefers that her art is subject to its own interpretation and let people feel the way they want.