We’ve all heard Aphe Kapa, now we onto the next. There’s a new kid on the block and his only 16. Zuza took some time to have a word with West Wing Academy’s newest kid on the block, TRP.

1) What does TRP mean?

The Rap Trilogy

2) Where you from, which hood do you represent?

I’m from Mandalay, but currently they call me the prince of Skomline (Langa township)

3) You about to release your first single, what’s going on in your mind with all the hype around the release?

A bit nervous but also keeping my composure. But I hope the listeners will enjoy it

4) How was it working with Hype Liyakuza and Amilca

Amazing! It was actually a dream come true. I remember last year when they released ‘Haisho Bhowzey’, I told one of my mates that I’d be on the remix, fast forward a year later I am in the same stable as Amilca

5) Define your sound, yes its hip hop but give us a definition of what we can expect from TRP, what’s different about you from the rest and please don’t say its cause you young and its fresh?

I would sound real wack if I was to respond like that. I would say it’s a sound of hope. I’m giving hope to the youngsters out there who are trying to make it and be like me.


6) Having mentioned that you young in the previous question, do you not feel that you may get a bit overwhelmed and might be a bit over your head

Nope. I’m just as big as these hommies. ( Laughs)

7) So when you first came out into the cape town hip hop scene there was a bit of drama, with you using Boolez beat and you doing the Aphe kapa remix, tell us more about that; how did it happen?

Long story. So last year I had seen that my cousin Thando ( Touch Narcotics) was making beats( I never knew this),so this one day he posted a free beat on the internet and I downloaded it, but after that I heard it belonged to Boolez.

I listened to the original and thought I could make it better and made a remix. But the thing was I was scared to release it last year, so Illrow (producer) and I put it away. I decided to release it on the 7th of June on my late hommies (sic) birthday. After the release Touch was shocked. West Wing Academy heard it and they took me in.

8) Is there any bad blood between you and Boolez?

Nah I don’t know. I don’t know how he feels about it

9) You were once part of a crew or are still part of a crew Unite The Mic ( UTM), tell us more about that?

Ah man, these are my boys. They been there for me. They actually supported to work to WWA. Also be on the lookout for them, they ILL (sic)

10) Who’s your inspiration, doesn’t necessarily have to be another rapper could be anyone that you draw inspiration from.

On most of my songs I mention my three year old niece. Ever since her birth I’ve been motivated. Her presence is a present

11) Family, do they support your music

Yea kinda


12) Wait, you 17 and you a rapper, you a hip hop Justin Bieber Im sure when them lil girls be screaming there’s one lady out there getting jealous>

No comment

13) Diamonds & Pearls tell us more about the single?


This one is what Lil Wayne and I call “Hustler Muzik”. It’s about the grind, not giving up and just being true to yourself. Amilca was nice on with the hook and shout out Sharlie Beanaro, he killed that beat.