U.N.A dropped his first solo tape earlier this year titled Keys, 808, Synths & Samples EP

U.N.A started out as a writer, believe it or not, but quickly got tired of struggling to find beats. He then took it upon himself to change things as he started dabbling with beat making and the writer in him has been lost to us ever since. His is a very interesting story coz he tells me he came up listening to reggae music and later on house music, a little. It would take 50 Cent’s “The Massacre’ album to swing around his musical sensibilities toward hip hop.

Unathi  Isaacs, his real name, honed his beat making skills with the then F.L STUDIO 3  and after trying out other programs like Reason and Cubase he decided is to stick to using his beloved F.L Studio as he feels comfortable using it.

“A lot of niggaz will say some shit like,’ Yo! F.L is a whack ass program, why not use Pro – Tools or sum shit?, but I personally prefer F.L Studio coz I feel comfortable with it and can express myself artistically more than I could with Reason and those other programs, so F.L Studio is ma choice. I’m still using it now, I have F.L Studio 9 and all them joints that I work on are an attestation to what I can do with it”.

U.N.A has produced for quite a list of acts in the re – emerging hip hop scene in and around Gux. He is one of K.Y.D Underground’s primary beat makers, a role he shares with fellow crew members L.B and his younger brother Capitol A.

This nigga is fast gaining reputation as one of the bright stars in this new generation of hip hop role players and it’s kinda surprising considering that it’s not that long since he started but is already making the so called beat making veterans sit and take notice even though they may not even know what he looks like in the first place.


KYD Producers U.N.A – LB – cApitol A

“My dream is to be the best beat maker in Cape Town, I can’t be bothered by anywhere else at the moment because being the best in the city, for me, precedes taking over the country and the continent”.

A sentiment shared by his brother producer/rapper Capitol A. U.N.A’s mission includes opening and running a big studio one day and truly live out his passion to the fullest.

He also acknowledges the need to take a business approach to shit and avoid getting caught up in the confusion of fame or popularity. It looks as if we might be witnessing the beginnings of another rap mogul from where I’m standing, but I guess only time will tell. Now, that’s what I like to call building from the ground up. Nuff sed!!!


Tha Layman