The Zero To One House Party is the ultimate house party experience. Kick back relax, meet new people and create memories enjoying music with a cold one.

A few individuals came to a discussion questioning why the only Events/Parties they could attend were in town whereas most of people who actually attend the said Events/Parties live everywhere but town. They decided that these Events/Parties were not catering to fresh artists based in Cape Town at all and wondered if they could do anything to change this.

Thus Zero To One House Parties were born. It is exclusively based on taking Cape Town Hip Hop to the people of Cape Town by instead of having an Event/Party in town, rather have a house party at the various Cape Town townships. This creates a more intimate atmosphere where the audience can better engage with the music and culture of Cape Town Hip Hop.

Zero TO One House Party has been to Mitchells Plein, Gugulethu and next is going to be in Langa on the 30 th of July 2016.

Come through and turn-up to a 021 line up of artists, have some braaied meat and support 021 at the same time.

Don’t forget it’s a B.O.B occasion so please do bring your own booze.

The House Party Provides The Following:

– Hip Hop live performances include KND, Capitol A, C4, Amilca Mezarati, Phoenix Backyard,

Immortal Killaz, Mo Music & TRP

– Local house DJs sets by Nastro, Siphe Fassie, Housetee, DJ Zeebha and Tinkla

– Alcohol sponsor/ promotion from Amstel Lite &; Freshly Braaied meat

– All of this for only R20 at the gate