Everyone wants Success, but it takes effort to succeed. Well we spoke to a group called Suxxeed, who cares how its spelt right?

1. The name Suxxeed,how did it come about

Well the name Suxxeed derives from people with ambition and vision straight up. It’s basically two words (suck-seed) but wrapped into one (Suxxeed). We essentially saw success from something that was made out of nothing.

2. Your sound, describe it

The sound that we project out to the masses is way to intimate in a way that we speak the authentic language of South Africa. Never mind if one doesn’t understand our mother tongue but the way we utilize our vocabulary, we make sure by all possible means we accommodate South Africans.

So one way or the other one understands where we come from.

3. Is there a distinct difference from your sound to other hip hop

Duos in cape town,

Yes there’s so much difference, in a way that we don’t follow the norm… Period!

4. How did the two of you meet

We’ve known each other since forever… We grew up together, traveling to junior school together, we actually know close to everything about each other.

So to cut the long story short we never met, we happened.

5. Why should we listen to suxxeed

Suxxeed is a self-critic duo, we never sugarcoat reality we tell it how it is. We find it so imperative to be transparent to the masses.

6. Which producers did you work with

We worked with Kenny Dolo and Crtl + S( Khosh and Planet Earth).

7. Kenny Dolo seems to be quite popular,would you agree that he knows the cape town hip hop sound and its audience

No we definitely don’t agree to that… Kenny is just that unusual crazy-smart-producer.

You’ll tell him to press the red button and he will surely press the green one. The funny thing is that he will always find ways to show the one reason why he disobeys to the norm and backs it up in a conversation face to face.

There’s so much I could say about him, he has this thing called “behind closed doors” that he conforms to when we working in studio. Shit gets crazy and the stuff he comes up with is insane… I hope to see the reaction of people when they hear and see the things he’s up to. He doesn’t really put the word “local” in a sentence… he always aims higher than local.

8. What are the plans for suxxeed this year

Well there are so much we looking forward to this year… We have an Ep dropping sometime in March; we just dropped a music video [this morning] directed and produced by Kenny Dolo.

One of the things that our fans don’t know about is that we are planning on going to Johannesburg sometime soon.

9. Tell us about the single and the video

The name of the song is called Z’yalala which simply portrays the party life style in Gugulethu a township in Capetown.

Themusic video was shot, directed and produced by Kenny Dolo. On this song we indirectly showcase our lyrical skills and where we really come from. We had cameos of people that are very well known locally e.g Kristi Ye Spaza, Gugs Gang, Alpaccino and so much more.

10. Any colaborations this year.

Yeah for sure there are so many talented nikkas in Cape Town. So definitely we gotta put some nikkas on. I mean we got T.O.P on our list, we Got Youngsta who just featured us on a music video, we got Uno July who’s a sick ass rapper from gugs who was also groomed by Planet Earth, Kwest Maguire as well… so yeah we looking forward on working with other

local kats who also on the same steeze you know…

This dope ass duo from the streets of the Native Yards, definitely have something to offer. Take some time to check out the talent and New Vid on our FB page