ZuZaNation hosted its very first Live Session on Friday, 25 November, and we must say with pride, that the night was epic! The event started off as a call out to all artists in around Cape Town to participate in the event. We were never ready for the response that our call out received, there was an influx of emails coming in that we had to take a moment and pinch ourselves to see if it was real. Upon receiving acts we had to break up all acts into three groups, therefore resulting us in having to organise at least three more ZuZaNation Live Session.



Café Ganesh was the selected venue on Friday the 25th and it was going down! ZuZaNation has become such an imperative support system to young and upcoming artist, creatives and entrepreneurs in and around Cape Town we had to give preference to those creatives that have been with the magazine since van toeka. The stage was opened up by an open mic session, young blood Neptune blazed up open mic and that set the tone to the night. The stage was then set on fire by Guillotine Squad, KND, Mav Bo-Tee, SeYda, cApital A, Rattex, OneHearts and Amilca.



KND came in dripping swaggoo looking like he was there to serenade the ladies, young blood dropped some bars on us. Rattex, one of the oldest cats in the game reminded us why we loved hip hop and rap. He entertained the crowd with his new material from his new album I Had To. Cape Town’s big guns, Mav BoTee, cAptial A and Amilca had to shut it down with their “I had to check my pulse” kind of performance.


This was the very first session and it was great! People were asking when will the next one be and to be honest we don’t know yet, but it will be soon. You don’t want to miss the next session, for now, make sure you support all local artists and creatives.
Let’s be proud of what the streets produce and let’s be their biggest fans. Please continue supporting ZuZaNation and let us grow our family because we are only getting started.